Raziah and Faloan

pen, pencil, sketch -

Raziah and Faloan

Raziah and Faloan are my two main characters in a new book I am writing, their book will be the gateway to many more as they travel through Itamaril, a land of fantasy, magic, faith and... dinosaurs?  

Anyways Raziah is part human, part gunju (A race of furred hunters that make their home amidst the mountains.), and Faloan is a species of dragon known as a Wolkin (A mysterious race of high altitude dwelling dragons who are very rare.).

Together they are what Itamarilians call Locr'n Born, an anomaly of magic that allows a humanoid and beast telepathic connection. The Locr'n beast, or Wiser beast also grows far more intelligent than the others of its race, coming to the same level of intelligence as its Locr'n partner.

Together they must discover the extent of the powers they have been given, meet some more awesome characters, and hopefully save the three kingdoms from the darkness which has crept into the land.

While writing this book I am also weaving together an entire world, so many of the artsy things I post here will be brainstorms and sketches of the life that inhabits Itamaril.